Con más de 18 años de comprobada experiencia y excelentes resultados en gestión agrícola-ganadera, ADP-Agronegocios del Plata S.A. pone a disposición del productor/inversor todo su know-how adquirido, y un equipo de trabajo profesional y especializado.

We believe that by auditing and analyzing each one of these areas, in close collaboration with farmers and investors, we can identify improvement opportunities that may result in resource optimization and an improvement of the net profit margin.

We structure advising areas according to predefined fronts of action identified for each stage.


  • Simulation of different production, weather and pricing scenarios.
  • Supplies and technological packages to optimize the benefit-cost ratio per hectare.


  • Definition of types of seeds to be used in each site.
  • Analysis of possible sowing dates and recommendations of optimum sowing dates.


  • Status and technological maturity of machinery
  • Quality of the works carried out
  • Improvement areas


  • Field management and planning according to a site-specific crop management system
  • Technical advising and coordination of actions to be taken
  • Eliminating productivity limitations, improving non-productive regions
  • Systematization of farms

Production success consists of several decisive factors. Proper management, fair balance and adequate choices are essential to obtain the best possible performance.
Having deep knowledge of the production potential is a key element.