A competent management of productive integration is a key factor to ensure business sustainability in the rural sector.


In this regard, the decision of focusing on agriculture or livestock, or on a combination of these two activities, demands quality information that takes into consideration from market fluctuation to soil quality.


This is why we have an advising team specialized in determining which is the most efficient productive combination for each land.

Agricultural Production

In order to sustain productiveness of the soil and a good quality of the resulting products, it is necessary to plan and implement production strategies aiming at ensuring viable and sustainable production in the long run. To these effects, it is essential to have access to relevant information in due time, first class analysts who can contribute to achieving the goals fixed, and committed professionals who go ahead with the plans agreed.

Livestock Production

We are convinced that the introduction of livestock production as part of the agricultural production planning of our lands generates the competitive advantages that are necessary to improve business sustainability in the long term. Our most important achievements have been analyzing variables in real time, determining and adjusting our goals accordingly, and having a strong team of professionals for whom team work and the search for continuous improvement are the driving forces behind development. Since 2008 we have a Livestock Production Area that has consolidated through strategic alliances that have allowed us to plan our future in a sound and consisting manner.