Being capable of adapting to change is our most important strength


Evidenced excellent performance in the whole country

In ADP we want to provide you with the best products and the best service.

Therefore, we work every day to provide information about the performance of our types of seeds throughout the whole country.

Applied intelligence: Production bases

We work actively in the area of seed research, carrying out selection tests of experimental lines and development of new types.

We collect information about implantation, follow-up, crop and harvest. We analyze the information collected in a yearly basis and we share this knowledge through the social media and in Technical Sessions for Results Presentation.

Our goal is that our customers and suppliers may benefit from the exchange of information that contains high levels of involved research.

Our own seeds plant

We have our own plant for seeds located in Ombúes de Lavalle. This plant has 16 silos which account for 6,400 ton of total capacity, all of which can be connected to the Coolseed cooling system.

Soybean, wheat, barley, oats, colza, milk thistle and pea have all been processed here.

Nuestro laboratorio se encuentra acreditado por INASE para semilla certificada.

“Seeds are probably farmers’ best image. They are the future, they are development, they are genetic information kept in a few grams but with the potential of becoming the means to protect and nourish our crops. They are an essential part of the accuracy that we want for our lands”.
Agricultural engineer Marcos Guigou, President of ADP – Agronegocios del Plata.